Official Teams. These teams are officially apart of the staff team and have access to the exclusive Staff Server.


Come join the support team to assist fellow members of the community with all of their unique problems! You’ll get a sweet role in all Network Guilds, as well as the official DBM Guild and will be tasked with assistance via tickets on the Support Site and more! Come apply today!

Support Leaders


Are you interested in helping to keep the peace of the servers? Maybe you just want a cool green name? If either of those are true, and you know how to use a bot command, this may be the right team for you! Come apply for the Moderation team! Your Network needs you today!

Moderation Leaders

Unofficial Teams. These are third party teams that aren’t related to the functionality of the DBM Network. They do not have access to the Staff Server.

Bot Approver

Do you want to help approve the various bots that as seen in the DBM Bots server? Well this is the place to apply for a position as a Bot Approver. Those who are a part of the team are tasked with making sure a bot is working as intended before it gets added to the guild!

Guild Manager

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