What are warnings?

Warnings are the numerical system of demerits used to determine what action is used against a user depending on the situation. Upon being issued a warning, a user is also issued a Case ID. This Case ID is to be used for Moderators that may need to go back and reference a specific case, or it can also be used to appeal a specific warning.

What are things I can be warned for?

Within the Network there are a plethora of things you can be warned for, we can’t list all of them out, however, we can give you a fair amount of examples of things not to do. The rest is based off of a code of common sense and ethics. All items on the list are varying in terms of severity, they are simply there so users are able to see an example.

  • Malicious or harm intending links. (IP Loggers, Viruses, RATs, etc.)
  • Falsifying evidence to cause another user to be punished.
  • NSFW content of any kind. (Images, PFP’s, Names, etc.)
  • Actively trying to cause issues within the server.
  • Incorrect pings (pinging Mods for Support).
  • Attempting to reveal private information.
  • Harmful racial or xenophobic remarks.
  • Purposely exploiting bot weaknesses.
  • Anything illegal or unethical (Piracy).
  • Harassing a user or group of users.
  • Bot commands in wrong channels.
  • Not speaking English when asked.
  • Impersonation of another user.
  • Trolling or excessive trolling.
  • Unsolicited Mentions/DMs.
  • Approving your own items.
  • Reacting inappropriately.
  • Misusing bot commands.
  • Ghost mentioning users.
  • Non-typeable names.
  • Consistent rudeness.
  • Excessive swearing.
  • Off-topic messages.
  • Mute/Ban evasion.
  • Being obnoxious.
  • Random emojis.
  • Stuck caps lock.
  • Advertising.
  • Raiding.
  • Spam.

Can I appeal a warning?

If you genuinely feel that a warning was issued wrongfully or a warning was issued in error, you have the right to appeal. Before doing so, please be sure that you have a solid case with evidence backing what you are stating. Warnings are typically issued appropriately, and if it wasn’t revoked shortly after receiving it then it is much less likely to happen later on. To appeal a warning, you must click the link located in the DM you were sent. If you did not receive a DM, then please submit a ticket appropriately:

  • Section: General
  • Title: [Case xxxxx] Appeal of Warning

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